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Winterfest a winner

The Link BCIT

On January 9, dozens of BCIT students made their way up to Mount Seymour for day of snow sports, eating and drinking, or just joining in the frosty fun of BCIT’s very first Winterfest.

The event, organized by the BCITSA, provided a regular bus shuttle service between Burnaby Campus and Mount Seymour resort, a good burger meal, and a couple beers to keep spirits high. To add to this, a raffle draw saw some lucky students walk off with gift vouchers, swag, and even a new pair of bindings, thanks to sponsors at Coastal Riders.

“It’s great fun and well executed. I’d love to see more events like this to break up the dull drudgery of school life,” second-year geomatics student Andrew Hill told The Link. It was also clear that Winterfest had drawn people from all corners of BCIT. “It gives us an opportunity to meet people outside of your program,” Hill added.

While the flurries and fog came in on the way up, the weather cleared in the late afternoon and the visibility was excellent shortly after the lights came on. A few previous days of intermittent rain and snow on the mountain had created extremely fast and crusty runs and banks, which made for some challenging conditions, but we are happy to report no injuries.[hr]

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