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Behold Electric Guitar, Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert poster

Self Released: Bandcamp / May 2019

This Bandcamp release by jazz-rock player Paul Gilbert goes in a different direction from his earlier, arpeggio-heavy style (like his 2006 release, Get Out of My Yard). The opening track, “Havin'” has a punchy bass with a distinct melody to accompany it. The piano in the background sends the mood to blues.

Behold Electric Guitar is the fifteenth solo album by the Illinois-born talent, and it is a testament to his intense “shredding” skills. It’s no surprise he was crowned fourth-best on GuitarOne magazine’s “Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time” list.

Gilbert was influenced by The Beatles, which is not surprising considering much of the second half of the album has a Beatles-esque tone to it. The shift from hard rock to a more progressive rock sound is a great change of pace, especially for fans who started with rock music from older generations.

The song titles are an attention grabber, especially its ninth track, “A Snake Just Bit My Toe.” The music is hard rock, but also cheery. It’s something more modern rock should be.