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BCIT votes on new student fees


While many people are patiently waiting for their transit referendum ballots to arrive in the mail, students at BCIT are being asked to vote on a different referendum this week, one that will affect their future at BCIT.

The BCIT Student Association is holding a referendum to introduce plans to expand student services on campus. Some of the improvements include the renovation of Professor Mugs Pub and the creation of the Student Development Center.

“Beginning back in January, the student executives got together to review some strategic goals and where we want to see the association go in the next year and the result of that was, we had a couple of large projects and new things we want to bring in, but in order to do that, we needed to go to referendum to increase student fee’s to pay for all those exciting projects,” said BCITSA President Dylan Smith.

Should the referendum pass, those fee increases will begin September 2015. Full-tim technology students will have a $25.00 increase per semester, while full-time trades and apprentices and industry services students will see a $20.00 per semester.

Professor Mugs Pub was top of their list of improvements, having not been updated in almost 20 years. The BCIT Student Association is also looking to bring in an external advocate, who will work with other post secondary schools to bring a stronger voice to BCIT students.

Students can log onto their account to vote on the referendum between March 20th and March 27th.