BCIT kicks off 50th with campus design competition


***UPDATE — Submission has been extended until February 1st!***


It’s BCIT’s big 50- and as a part of the celebrations, the school is inviting students (and faculty) to get their creative juices flowing with the ‘Colour your Campus’ competition.

The school has selected six locations around BCIT’s Burnaby campus that will get an artistic facelift.

Students and faculty are invited to submit their best design for a chance to have their work featured prominently on the school… and a cash prize to boot.

“What we wanted to do was use the 50th year to celebrate the people who are here on the 50th, whether to work or study, and create some legacies for the campus,” says Catherine Clement, Senior BCIT Projects Director. “It’s almost like a birthday gift from the school.”

For the banners, the school wants designs representing the 5 trades

For the banners, the school wants designs representing the five trades.

Four of the locations are reserved for student entries only. Those include the interior staircase of SE2 (next to the pub), the Library interior wall, the Library South entrance recess wall, and a series of lamp post banners to hang along Smith St.

In addition to having their art featured prominently on campus, category winners will also get a cash prize of between $250-$500 depending on the category.

Staff are able to submit work in competition for two locations – The Recreation Services exterior wall  and SE 12 exterior wall

“We want as many different ideas as possible” says Clement. That means anything from paintings, to drawings to photographs. In some cases – like the Library interior wall it could even be somewhat sculptural. Clement gave the example of a cut metal piece that would be attached to the wall.

In a case like that, says Clement, students would only be expected to come up with the design, not fabricate the piece themselves.

Clement says the mural in the library could last up to seven years.

Clement says the mural selected for the library could last up to seven years.

But in each of the cases, the designers would get to leave a lasting imprint on the school. “this is going to be a legacy,” says Clement, “so whomever in the end wins… the murals could last for several years. The space in the library up to seven.”

The deadline for entry is January 30th. After which a jury will narrow down submissions to the best (and most workable) entries. After that, voting will be open to all students and staff, and the most popular choices will be installed.

So start sharpening your pencils, BCIT. Here’s your chance to leave a lasting impression on your school.