Peak Leadership participants get the inside scoop on public speaking

Does this scare you?

Does this scare you?

Members of the BCIT Student Association’s Peak Leadership program participated in two seminars covering effective leadership and public speaking last week.

The seminars were conducted by professional speaker Peter Legge, who gives approximately 75 speeches each year and travels the world to spread his message.

“Even after thousands of speeches, it is still so exciting, because I know I can affect your life and I may never see you again,” Legge reports.

Legge is the chairman and CEO of Canada Wide Limited, the largest independently owned magazine publishing company in Western Canada. He is also an internationally acclaimed professional speaker, author of fifteen published books and a community leader.

“I found Peter’s biography inspirational. I am here to learn leadership skills and to get over my stage fright,” says Andrew Yuan, a computer information systems administration student.

Legge’s advice is practice and observe. Even with his experience, Legge still studies other speakers and preachers to pick apart what he finds fascinating in their delivery. He urges students to develop their voice and incorporate energy and to tell their own story.

“We all got dreams . . . and a story that got us here,” explains Legge, advising participants that incorporating personal stories keeps the speech interesting and unforgettable.

“I took away a few lessons from Peter — to give your best every day and to give back to your community, which is what Peter was doing by speaking to us,” Sarah Gray, a broadcast and online journalism student, told The Link.

The events were organized as part of the Peak Leadership program, a service of the BCIT Student Association.

The program attracts students from all faculties who hope to acquire a variety of skills. From October to April, the Peak participants develop professionalism and leadership skills through a variety of seminars and workshops given by professionals.

— Tina Lovgreen


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