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Journalism instructor blends European styles with Canadian sensibilities

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Rosa Martichelli

If you’ve sat in one of Rosa Marchitelli’s broadcast journalism classes, chances are you’ve heard students whispering about her effortlessly chic style. Marchitelli is currently a freelance journalist for CBC, an instructor at BCIT, a wife, and a mother of three young boys. She balances all of this while maintaining a sense of style that brings envy to even the most fashion conscious.
Marchitelli is a self-proclaimed “news nerd” but explains that her second love has always been fashion. With three young boys, however, she rarely has time to go shopping.

“I’ve tried to take my boys shopping, and they just don’t shop well. I used to go to Robson Street all the time, but I can’t do it anymore,” says Marchitelli. “I think that’s what primarily drove me to shop online.”

Not only have her boys influenced her shopping habits, they’ve also influenced her style. While Marchitelli loves “dresses, heels, and girly girl stuff,” she now thinks twice about the practicality of an item while chasing her kids around.

Marchitelli describes her style as “conservative, with trendy elements,” and can often be seen in fitted blazers, bold colours, rich textures, statement jewelry and pants ranging from high-waisted, wide-legged trousers, to light-coloured, skinny denim. Marchitelli cites classic style icons Jackie Onassis Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn as inspirations and favours silhouettes from the ‘50s and early ‘60s.

Her experiences as a broadcast journalist and a teacher also influence her fashion choices. Days in broadcasting have taught Marchitelli that colour always looks better and that nothing beats a fitted blazer, “because you don’t want to look frumpy on air.” Colour and fit are things Marchitelli keeps in mind as she shops online.

Rosa Martichelli

Rosa Martichelli

Online shopping has introduced Marchitelli to many UK retailers that allow her to find unique pieces to help her express herself through fashion. Perhaps it’s her ability to mix different influences that has given her such a strong sense of style. Marchitelli, whose parents emigrated to Canada from Italy, is able to seamlessly blend fashion forward European styles with a Canadian sensibility.

“My parents are very traditional Italian, and they’re very trendy people as well, so that probably comes into play. It’s always been a thing in my family, where you always look nice and put together, and I think I still keep that with me.”

These days, Marchitelli keeps up to date with fashion news by occasionally flipping through Canadian fashion magazine LOULOU and paying attention to fashion spreads in the newspapers.

“It’s just fun for me,” she explains. “It’s an expression of who I am, so whenever there’s any fashion related stuff, I take note.”

Students at BCIT enjoy Marchitelli’s self-expression through clothes and have even discussed it on Twitter.

“That’s kind of flattering and embarrassing at the same time!” she says.

With such a classic and timeless look, Marchitelli’s style will no doubt remain a hot topic among fashion-conscious students.

 – All photos courtesy of Christina Ghuman


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