Leave it to Bieber

The Reverend offers some words of wisdom on Justin Bieber’s Anne Frank gaff


Dear Justin,

I’m telling you this as a friend. You need to start listening to your publicist. Don’t have one? Here’s my card. It’s not that you’re not a great musical talent or that there is anyone who hasn’t heard about you. It’s to avoid gaffs like the one you had earlier this month.

Now, I’m pretty sure you thought that it was a harmless when, walking out of the Anne Frank’s former house, you remarked that it was “truly inspiring.” That’s the Beibs we all know and love, the one that melted our hearts with “Baby”… Let’s continue.

You followed that sentence up with, “Anne was a great girl.”  First mistake, Justin, is assuming a first-name basis with one of the most iconic Holocaust victims. I get that you’re trying to put a fresh spin on an old subject… but then to follow it up with “great girl”?

I know your mind is filled with other things like the next concert, signing your name, making millions, and acting like you’re still a kid. Having a plethora of words on the tip of your tongue is difficult.

Tip one: never use the term “great girl” to describe a Holocaust victim… or anyone older than you… or someone who died 50 years before you were born… or anyone who has ever been through any sort of genocide (in case you decide to tour Rwanda).

Here’s the last sentence you made and arguably the most controversial: “Hopefully she would have been a Bieliber.”

“Duuuuuuuuuude…” cried the rest of the world.

Right now, I’m sure you’re thinking that you’ve done nothing wrong; Marie Antoinette thought, “Let them eat cake instead” was a perfectly harmless statement. Don’t know who Marie Antoinette is? That’s cool. Wiki it. French revolution, beheadings, no world tour.

The point is that the statement comes across as ignorant, dawg!

Again, here’s where I can help. I understand that if everyone who ever existed became a Belieber, as your publicist, I would be all over that like a killer whale on a seal. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi — all Beliebers — amazing.

The thing is, you come across like a huge, self-centered tool.

Instead, you say, “What Anne Frank went through and how she persevered is an inspiration to all of us.”

Just saying, Beibs. Hang in there, issue an apology tweet, and move on. You’ll make it through this and when in doubt, holla at your boy!


Rack ‘em & YOLO,

The Rev.


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