Final Fantasy 15 English Trailer Impressions

Is it as bad as some of the previous installations we’ve seen? Link tech guy and resident gamer Jon Hall brings us more.

At least the characters still look as gorgeous as they did in previous games.

At least the characters still look as gorgeous as they did in previous games.

Square-Enix’s latest Final Fantasy 15 trailer was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year in its native Japanese, much to the delight of the franchise’s long-time fans. Unless some sort of magic wizardry has been practiced on its previous console title (which was rather divisive and saw two spinoffs with questionable sales numbers) fans have never had the chance to actually play a Final Fantasy game in its native tongue with subtitles, instead being forced to listen to sleepy half-assed English voice actors fumble their way through their lines.

This new English trailer for ‘15’ is the first chance we’ve had to hear Square-Enix’s choices for the English voice cast, and I have to say I’m suitably impressed.

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It’s not perfect, but it’s a far cry from the agony that was ‘X’s cringe-inducing infamous laughing scene.

That’s not to say that all voice acting in Final Fantasy games has been bad – ‘13’ did have one stand-out performance with Reno Wilson as Sazh Katzroy. Most franchise voice actors have gone on to quite successful careers – James Arnold Taylor and Tara Strong both had questionable performances in ‘X’ and went on to incredible heights. The choices for 15’s lead and supporting cast of misfits so far appears to be appropriate – We’ll learn more as the game gets closer to releasing. If you want to get in early, pre-ordering Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (coming March 17th 2015) will net you the demo for FF15.

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