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Campus Shorts: January 23, 2013

The Link BCIT

University of Western Ontario student newspaper threatened with eviction

After occupying the same office for four decades, the Gazette was threatened with eviction.

Student council said it will relocate the campus paper to a smaller office to make room for a multi-faith space.

This was only the latest in a string of conflicts; after the Gazette gave the student council a “B-” grade last April, copies of the paper disappeared from the stands around the university’s community centre.[hr]

UBC dean receives $600,000 interest-free housing loan

Robert Helsley, dean of the Sauder school of business at UBC, received a $600,000 interest-free housing loan, which is part of an already generous compensation package.

Helsley also received a salary of $415,000, an annual research budget of $30,000, and an honorarium of $75,000, which covered the cost of moving to Vancouver from California.[hr]

Survey warns of smartphone addiction

People engage in technology to escape the real world while smartphone usage increases risk of depression and loneliness, according to the University of Windsor’s counselling centre.

A survey conducted by Wind and Vision Critical showed that 17 per cent of smartphone users would give up their pets, 40 per cent would give up video games, 28 per cent would quit drinking, and 23 per cent would give up coffee. 1,500 Canadians completed the survey.[hr]

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