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Need to buy an old toaster? Craigslist. Gotta get rid of your mattress? Craigslist. Looking for a place to live with “chill” people? Craigslist. Every single day, millions of people log on to the modern day classifieds site to buy, sell and give away everything from cellphones to sex, but did you know BCIT students have their very own site, that is considerably less skeezy and will help you swap things with fellow students that you actually need, like textbooks and rooms for rent?

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It’s a little-known gem that we think deserves more attention. Why? Because it’s freaking brilliant. Not only do you (hopefully) avoid all the awkwardness that comes from meeting a 40-year-old balding man in sweatpants, out in the alley behind the Esso to purchase “previously loved” Nintendo Gamecube games, you also get the added benefit of not having to weed through countless postings that advertise those other types of “services,” when what you’re really looking for is some career counselling on campus. No, with BCITSA List (offered generously by the BCIT student Association) you get the opportunity to trade commodities (and yes, lets face it, some people could use this to offer exam cheating services, though we don’t condone that) with students just like you.

But how do you make sure some creep isn’t just trolling this thing for vulnerable students? Because you need to have a BCIT email address to post, and although you must provide said address, it will not be disclosed to viewers unless you use it to respond to the interested responses you receive.

Go ahead, tell your friends… this thing could take off.