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BCIT Strike FAQs

Confused about the strikes on campus? Read The Link’s guide to frequently asked questions regarding the groups, terms, and major players associated.


Strikers picketing at BCIT, come rain or shine.

Strikers picketing at BCIT, come rain or shine.Courtesy of Blanca Brandon

Who is taking job action?

Job action at BCIT is being taken by the British Columbia Employees’ Association (BCGEU) support staff, BCGEU vocational instructors and the BCIT Faculty Staff Association (FSA).

What is the FSA and who are its members?

The FSA represents about 600 instructors in part-time studies, about another 600 full time day-school instructors, professionals in the library, students’ services in counseling, 100 members in information technology services, technical staff in the technology programs, and assistant instructors.

What is the BCGEU and who are its members?

The BCGEU is the union representing support staff and some instructors at BCIT. There are approximately 434 support staff at BCIT’s Burnaby campus which include Administrative Assistants, Graphic Artists, Buyers, Technicians, Cashiers, Clerks and Receptionists.

What do the FSA and the BCGEU want?

The FSA and BCGEU want issues addressed such as parental leave, staff turnover, wages and the disparity between how part-time and full-time instructors are paid.

What does the provincial government have to do with all of this?

Although BCIT President Don Wright has announced that he is in support of the strike demands and will do what he can to help send the message to the government that is all he and BCIT can do. BCIT does not have a mandate from the Provincial Government to the Employers Association to settle the issues wanting to be addressed by the FSA and the BCGEU. Therefore, members of the BCGEU and the FSA and those who support them are trying to communicate their message to the provincial government.

What is the difference between a part-time instructor and a fulltime instructor?

Full time instructors at BCIT are paid more than part-time instructors who argue their workload is quite similar to full-time instructors.[hr]

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