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Photo Feature: Elin Molenaar

When Elin Molenaar came to Vancouver from Dirkshorn in the Netherlands for her gap year, she came with an interest in telling a visual story and capturing moments. Using a friends second-hand camera, she snapped the beauty in the world around her while taking notes from her boyfriend, who is also a photographer. She would…

Sarah Sarmadi, Wadi Rum, Jordan 2019

Wanderlust Feature

Where we’ve gone, and where we’ll go again.  Sarah Sarmadi, Wadi Rum, Jordan 2019Lauren Edwards Cinque Terre, Italy 2019Zach Kiedaish, Vancouver Island, 2019Zach Kiedaish, Vancouver Island, 2019Justin Park, Toronto, 2019Brittany Roffel, 2019 Sarah Sarmadi, Iran, 2019Elin Molenaar Golden Ears, 2020Elin Molenaar Golden Ears, 2020Sarah Sarmadi, Iran, 2019Brittany Roffel, 2019

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Photo Feature: Sydney Wong

Vancouver is a city that screams vibrancy and culture, and the only place that 21-year-old photographer Sydney Wong has called home. Naturally, artistry runs in Sydney’s family; many of her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents enjoy photography. Wong continually finds ways to expand her artistic palette, not only with the taking photos around her city,…

Photo Feature: Sheldon Lynn

Sheldon Lynn Computer Systems Technology Follow him on Instagram: @sheldon Visit him online: Photography speaks to both sides of my brain, the creative artist and the analytical programmer. When/how did you start taking photos? I have been painting and drawing my whole life and that fascination with exploring the world in a visual manner…