Right to Refuse

Link reserves the right to refuse any submission including (but not limited to) article pitches, written works, photographs, videos, illustrations, and advertisements. No guarantee is made to publish work unless expressly committed to in a written and signed contract. Refusal will never be made on grounds related to skin colour, race, marital status, family background, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or a disability.

AI Use

Any use of AI should be mentioned when submitting content. Due to considerations of artist and writer copyright concerns, Link magazine prohibits the use of AI from being used on illustrations, photographs, poetry, and creative writing. In articles, a maximum of 10% of a paid article submitted for publication to Link magazine can be written by AI. An AI checker will be used to authenticate articles submitted for publication to Link magazine.

Payment Limitations

There is a maximum payment of $350 per issue to any contributor. As always, Link is only able to compensate current BCIT students for work. Payment processing requires documentation for tax purposes, and in some situations, cheques can take 16+ weeks to arrive. We do our best to compensate students in a timely manner, and students can email the publications manager to request an update on the status of their payment at any time.

Kill Fee

This fee is only to be paid if we (Link magazine) have commissioned in writing for you to submit an article, you have submitted the requested article on time and then we (Link magazine) have canceled that commission. This kill fee is an industry standard amount, and it is based on the average word count we requested, not the word count at the time of cancellation. If your article is submitted after the deadline, was not requested, or does not fit the requirements of the commission, it is not eligible for a kill fee.