Childcare centre now open at Burnaby Campus



Modern, professional, and friendly facility offers friends of BCIT an attractive daycare option

After a complete renovation of the SE41 building, BCIT Burnaby Campus can now boast a professional, fully licensed childcare centre.

Able to cater for 25 children from BCIT or the local public (with BCIT students and staff receiving preference), the centre officially opened its doors for business on January 2, and has five full-time children enrolled, with more on the way.

“The response from the BCIT staff, students, and community have been very positive, and I know that as word gets out, and people are able to visit the centre, it will fill up quickly,” manager Sue D’Altroy told The Link.

[pullquote]The creation of the centre is part of the ongoing renovations package taking place at BCIT[/pullquote]Prior to joining the BCITSA, D’Altroy had been part of a parent participation preschool centre in North Delta for over 13 years, and has more than 20 years’ experience in childcare and early education.

“Fortunately for me, I came in when the fun began, and I was able to shop, shop, shop!” D’Altroy said. “I got to make the centre as home-y and unique as I could in a very short time.”

The creation of the centre is part of the ongoing renovations package taking place at BCIT, headed by BCIT Student Association Executive Director Caroline Gagnon, which included the renovation of building SE2.

The childcare facility has ample space for those looking to enroll their kids, with numerous play areas, drawing boards, storage facilities, nap-time places, and of course, toys and educational activities. The centre strives to promote “emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development of the children, at their own pace, in a stimulating, secure, and responsive environment.”

Learning is continually integrated and extended through play, and Sue plans subjects and craft classes in advance — for example, this week everyone will be learning about birds and building feeders.

[pullquote]“Every day is an adventure when you spend it with children.”[/pullquote]Healthy, hot lunches are provided by the kitchen at Professor Mugs pub, the cost of which is included in the enrolment fees. There is also a large outdoor play area for the children to run around in on warm days or to enjoy the occasional snowfall. Furthermore, the entire facility is kept secure with padlocks on all gates and access control on all entrances and exits, with BCIT security only seconds away.

“There’s so much fun to be had, I can’t wait to get started” Sue concludes. “Every day is an adventure when you spend it with children.”

The centre is currently enrolling new children from 30 months old to school entry age (five years). For more information contact the BCITSA on 604.451.7087 or send an email to

– All photos by Kevin Willemse


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