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Your 2023 Horoscope: Which Hearty Sweet are You?

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Content Warning: As a publisher, I do not, and never have, spread claims that I know what I am talking about. 

Aries – This year, you are a Red Velvet Cookie

Crumbled or not, cookies are delicious either way. This year, be careful what you say to others. Your passion and aggression may be your downfall in at least one relationship, but there are always those who dare to love your flavourful red disposition. You are constantly a tempting treat that leaves loved ones wanting more. 

Boredom may have settled into your relationships through 2022, but know that 2023 will present to you someone who loves your sweet spots and the unexpected wildness you bring. Be bold. Find what excites you.

Taurus – This year, you are a Lemon Cake

Be softer than they expect you to be in 2023. Like the lemon cake, you have a smooth interior that mixes well with your zingy lemony accents. Add a fluffy buttercream to your exterior to mask the harder edges; those who enjoy your rustic charm will peel back the layers all the same.

As reliable and stubborn as you are, try to give in a bit. This will help your other half become available to you (whether you have found them or not). Things can turn stormy if you don’t lean into the gentler aspects of your personality. Accept your partner’s additional obligations and learn to pass on burdens, and life can be as sweet as a picnic by the lake.

Gemini – This year, you are Apple Crisp

2023 will showcase you as great company in life and desserts (especially when you serve apple crisp after a hearty dinner). You offer the stoichiometry of sweetness and tartness that your partner needs. But know that you’re not the only one responsible for keeping your relationships harmonious. You don’t always need to be the vanilla ice cream on top. Leave that to your partner and relax a little. Enjoy it. 

Luckily for you, your power of seduction will not take a hit. You will meet many people who will want to be your ice cream. Consider your options and accept the diversity of all the apples around you.

Cancer – This year, you are a Cherry Pie

We all know you are tasty, but dress yourself up this year and let your creativity dazzle in your relationships. Whether or not you take the advice, your sweetness will consistently shine through, even when you have a bit of tartness in you. 

But since 2022 was a year of tartness, let 2023 be tender and strengthen the bonds that you already have around you. Do not set out to solve anyone else’s problems. The best you can do is offer them a plate.

Leo – This year, you are a Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake

Popular but unique is how you know you are a Leo. Show off your imaginative side this year while still being consistent in your relationships. While partners admit you can be goofy, they know you are always generous and up for a variety of fun activities.

In 2022, you focused on yourself. In 2023, attend to the desires of others like your other half, especially when you are getting creative with the whipped cream. Look beyond appearances and appreciate tastes and other qualities in your relationships.   

Virgo – This year, you are a Cheesecake

While you continue to be reliable and hardworking, know that you taste best when a lot of love is thrown into the mix. Instead of being defensive, chill and whisk with a flick of the wrist. This can help you find common ground in your relationships.

A beautiful love story is on your horizon this year, and you will learn that love comes in many different flavours. The new or the classic can easily be part of your 2023. Remember to compromise so everyone can find what is right for them.

Libra – This year, you are a Giant Pretzel 

Libras are just as soft as the giant pretzel. Fluffy on the inside with a desire to please. Just know your shape, size, and life don’t have to be perfectly balanced to be aesthetically pleasing. Romance, like pretzels, can come in many different flavours.

For your romantic dreams to come true, give more importance to your own feelings and find the flavour that works for you. You may be the leader of compromise, but peace can also come from within. Protect your peace in 2023.

Scorpio – This year, you are Tiramisu

You are the lover’s dessert: bold espresso, cocoa, mascarpone cheese, delicate ladyfingers, and resourceful Marsala wine. Like the Tiramisu, you can have a dark flavour and past, but you have several layers: passionate, elegant, and complex.

In 2023, don’t forget to let others peel back the coatings. Let someone else take charge and be gracious about your own beauty and privilege. As always, you will say what you think, but be polite or be prepared to make extra enemies instead of lovers.

Sagittarius – This year, you are a Rice Krispies Treat™

You are the optimistic life of the party who matches well with the tasty and messy treat that is the Rice Krispie. This year, you may want to attempt to find your romantic match. You need a co-pilot who is adventurous, fun, and okay with constant motion in a relationship.

When things get fired up, wait it out so you don’t end up in a sticky mess. Things should square off well if you accept that you can’t feast immediately. Continue to be honest, and your romantic connections should retain the flexibility you need.

Capricorn – This year, you are Crème Brûlée

Classy as can be, crème brûlée is an exquisite dessert for someone as delicate and sophisticated as a Capricorn. Elegance means choosing simple and classic (instead of something with frills), precisely what you need in a relationship.

In 2022, you put up a brave front with a hard shell. In 2023, look for a relationship where you’re okay with them seeing your gooey, sweet insides. As disciplined and hardworking as you have been, invite a special person in instead of blocking them. Let romantic ambitions take over this year.

Aquarius – This year, you are Salted Caramel Fudge

Not one for just “going with the flow,” you are distinctive. While you may not be traditionally sweet, you have the perfect mix of all flavours that make for the ideal after-dinner snack—and a flawless partner. Aquarius has been known for being a bit eccentric and is no different when choosing romance.

If you are ready to stop being independent in 2023, be honest with yourself. Let someone work you over to reveal your gooey side and help them get to know your tastes. Work agreeably with your partner to show them you are their evermore.

Pisces – This year, you are a Lava Cake

Everyone in your life knows you are a big softie overflowing with love and compassion, just like a lava cake. As soft as you are, you may be too trusting, which can crush your delicate outside. Refrain from being impressed by promises. Gather and evaluate proof that the special person will not be clumsy with your heart.

In 2022, you may not have had the best timing with love, but if you meet someone ready and patient this year, you’ll find yourself overflowing with molten love just from their softest touch.