VIFF Film Review: Class Enemy


Students in Class Enemy are fed up with the new instructor's teaching style. (VIFF - Class Enemy)

Students in Class Enemy are fed up with the new instructor’s teaching style. (VIFF – Class Enemy)

A new German teacher takes over a class, and the current students are not too happy about his teaching methods. After only a few days with the new teacher, a tragic event occurs – a student commits suicide. As friends, family, and classmates cope with the death, fingers point to the new instructor, Robert, as the reason as to why she killed herself. The movie follows one group of friends and their acts of rebellion as they struggle to cope with the loss of their friend.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had to deal with a tragedy of losing a friend, or family member but I honestly had a difficult time siding with the students. I understand that a grieving period is necessary after a death, but it doesn’t mean you have to drop everything else in your life. Dying is inevitable. Eventually we all die and life goes on whether someone is in it or not.

Although I wasn’t emotionally invested in any of the characters, the movie was still somewhat interesting. It didn’t have me on the edge of my seat or leave me in tears, but the cinematography was impressive, the plot was realistic, and the characters were convincing. If you have gone through the experience of losing a loved one then you may be able to relate to the movie better than I did.

Another screening of the film will be held at the Cinematheque on October 10th. Check out the trailer below!