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Vancouver Pushes Back

In the wake of a major setback for race relations in Charlottesville recently, thousands of Vancouverites caught wind of a small local hate rally in the making. In response, they descended on City Hall August 19th to practice their creative sign-making skills, and to stand up to racism, bigotry and all forms of prejudice. The rally was put on by the ad hoc activism group, “Stand Up to Racism Metro Vancouver”. The group organized the rally in a matter of days, and put together some influential and inspiring people to come speak at the rally including Jean Swanson and many other activists .

The result of the rally was described as a “fight between a bazooka and a mosquito”, as only a small handful of angry individuals ended up making an appearance; not nearly enough to be heard above the calls for community, friendship and understanding. You can follow “Stand Up to Racism Metro Vancouver” on Facebook @NoBigotryGVRD for future events and more information.