Vancouver International Dance Festival

Dance means so many things to so many people. Romance, hatred, desire –the interpretation of such an intimate nature of our skin and bones can range from ballet’s grace, to hip hop’s jaggedness. Watching such captivating metaphors designed through various musical tunes exposes the audience to a breath-taking nakedness. And lucky for us, March is the month that welcomes both local and foreign dancers to Vancouver’s stages. This year marks the 17th annual Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF).

From March 1 to March 25, VIDF will be showcasing performances from the United States, Japan, Denmark, and Canada’s own Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Some highly anticipated shows include Japan’s demonically hypnotizing Dairakudakan, San Francisco’s scientifically constructed ballet Alonzo King, and Montreal’s tragically romantic Virginie Brunelle. There will also be dance workshops, life drawing classes, and some free performances for VIDF members and the community.

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