Vancouver International Dance Festival 2018

Looking to tap your feet to a funky beat? Sip a drink with a creative crowd? Divulge in moving art with a human element? Look no further, as the Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF) is back from March 1 to March 24 2018! Internationally acclaimed artists and local favourites bring excitingly enriching performances and workshops all over the city!

Link Magazine is excited to partner with VIDF to attend and review some of their biggest shows, so keep your eyes out for these shows, and more!:

Shen Wei Dance Arts (New York)
Folding and Rite of Spring
Vancouver Playhouse, March 2 & 3, 8pm
Widely celebrated for their mesmerizing movement, striking beauty and elegant expression, New York-based contemporary dance company Shen Wei Dance Arts will leave an indelible impression with their Western Canadian premiere. They will present two dazzling pieces by Artistic Director and Choreographer Shen Wei.

White Wave Dance Company (New York)
Roundhouse Performance Centre, March 15 to 17, 8pm
Scored to original music by long time collaborator Ki Young, this uninterrupted 65-minute journey will challenge audiences to examine who we are and how we relate to ourselves, and to each other. It is a story about developing meaningful relationships where we struggle to seek a sense of ‘i’ as part of a ‘we’.

The Biting School (Vancouver)
Disagreable Tales
Roundhouse Exhibition Hall, March 22 to 24, 7pm
Disagreeable Tales is an exploration of the violence, cruelty, and perversions in and around us. The piece raises the following questions: Where in our bodies does the sensation of this history of violence lie? What are the possible ways we could face this violence in order to acknowledge it? Perhaps in this acknowledgment maybe we find a moment of vague solidarity.

For more information on VIDF, and where to purchase tickets, see the website at:

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