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Vancouver Fan Expo 2016

The Vancouver Fan Expo has been around since 2012 and has been growing steadily since. It’s a yearly gathering of comic book and pop culture fans, filled with exciting celebrity appearances and unique exhibits. This year, we had a chance to interview a Fan Expo organizer for an inside look into this year’s Expo and where the future lies.

What’re you guys doing to grow the convention in Vancouver every year?

Finding the right spot in the calendar is important for growth. We have found our new position here in Novermber has not only created more opportunity with our corporate partners but with our fans seem to love it as well.

Can you tell us a little bit about the new exhibitions this year?

We are excited to be welcoming Christopher Lloyd for his first appearance at Fan Expo Vancouver this year. In addition to the shopping madness and hours of programming, another highlight will be a very special evening with the highly popular Kevin Smith.

How do you think the Fan Expo enriches the comic book culture here in Vancouver? How do you guys incentivize and promote local artists and businesses?

Fan Expo continues to bring some of the best names in the comic book industry to Vancouver. This year is no exception with a rare appearance by Bruce Timm and others (full list online). We also support emerging artists in artist alley and have a number of established comic book retailers that return year after year.

How do you guys determine the percentage of floorspace that goes to artists, guests, and merchandise?

It is our mandate to have a balanced, well rounded convention that offers something for all fandoms. We construct our events and book out talent with this mandate in mind.

What are the future goals for the Vancouver Fan Expo?

Fan Expo Vancouver is all about the fans. Our goal is and always will be to provide them with the Ultimate Fan Experience.