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Utilizing Google Calendar

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Not only does Google occupy over half of the search engine market share, but it also has great products to help you stay organized. To name one in particular, Google Calendar! With all the capabilities of Google Calendar, it is a great way to get on track and to stay organized.

Goals in Google Calendar

Google launched the Goals feature within Google Calendar on Tuesday. This feature adapts to your ever changing schedule by allowing you to “defer” tasks. With Google Goals, you can add reminders to goals that you’ve been working towards, such as running three times a week or practicing piano every Wednesday.

Another great thing about the launch of Google Goals is the commercial that Google produced for it/ Google did a great job creating an extremely captivating 1:22 minute video; definitely a must watch commercial that you can watch above!


Google Calendar can be accessed on almost every (if not every) device you own, including mobile, desktop, tablet, and smartwatch. Therefore, the same information you input into your Google Calendar on your phone can be accessed on your computer and vise versa. So whether you are on the go or working from home, you always have access to Google Calendars.


One of the best parts about using Google Calendars is its ability to organize! There are several different ways to organize your events and reminders in Google Calendar, including by colour and by calendar.

By Colour

Ah the perfectionist’s cup of tea: colour-coded organization. With Google Calendar, you can categorize your events by colour in anyway you choose. In addition, there are several colours to choose from, so you’ll you have many possible categories to create.


By Calendar

You can create different calendars for different aspects of your life and filter your Google Calendar based off that. For example, I could create a work calendar, a BCIT calendar, and a personal calendar. Each calendar has a different colour assigned to it.


Android Widget

Though the Google specific widget for Android is not great, there is one that is excellent! I recently discovered Calendar Widget: Month in Google Play Store. This widget is extremely customizable, has nine different themes, shows all your calendar, and very much serves its purpose.


This is a digital calendar that serves it’s purpose well. The calendars can be customized, shared, and transferred to all your devices. It will be interesting to see what the future will be for Google Goals.

Have you used Google Goals yet? Let me know!