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Ultimate High-End Audio Guide

Okay think… What is the one thing you bring everywhere you go and always need? Something that can keep you entertained while waiting on a bus full of loud passengers….

Okay fine, the answer is headphones. We all use them, and I think it’s time for everyone to be exposed to more than just Apple earbuds, something that can draw more richness out of music, and make it thoroughly enjoyable. I am very picky with my audio, and it’s an investment to augment the world around me with rich sounds and calm thoughts (depending on your favourite genre of course).

Here are my top picks for audio greatness:

Over-Ear Monitor:  Audio Technica M40x


Think of a brand for headphones and the first thing that will probably pop up is Beats. Well, say no more, because an established brand has been taking the audiophile market by storm for years, and is a not-so-kept-secret anymore.  

The Audio Technica M40x are the best on-ear headphones that I’ve ever worn. It carries rich and balanced detail with every instrument that’s played. It lacks certain bass sounds, but the balanced EQ is enough to make me and my ears happy. The build quality is top notch with hard plastic, and it comes with a plethora of cables to help.


In-Ear Bluetooth: Jaybird x2


For high end music lovers, this is the holy chalice.

The Jaybird x2 is my daily driver that didn’t break the bank on sale, and is perfect for my daily commutes. The foam cushioning is soft, and the music is well-detailed and balanced overall. The build quality is exceptional, with weighted buds that lets me easily hang these on my shoulder without noticing or slipping off. With an 8hr rated battery charge, this can easily be your next go-to workout or commute-friendly buds.


Open-Back Monitor: Sennheiser 598


The greatest decision I’ve made in my audio life is buying the Sennheiser 598’s after so many of my friends told me to buy it during Black Friday sales at Amazon. After months of consideration, Amazon Prime Day rolled in and I caved, saving hundreds of dollars in the process.  

Once you try these on, you’ll never want to take these off due to the velour soft padding and super comfy design. The packaging was great, with all the accessories that I actually need to use, such as 2 cables that are good for the mp3 or for the tv amp.

Now about that audio quality. The sound that you hear is a lot larger and surrounds your ears, instead of that usual tunnel sound.  Sound leakage is here but not as much as I expected, as these are made for your home. Every genre of music is beautiful, and I can listen for hours, finding new pieces of instruments that I never knew existed from my playlist.