Two More Recommendations from VIFF!

Men, Women, and Children

The feature film Men Women, & Children follows several stories demonstrating how technology can impact your relationships with other people. As someone who is “pro-technology” I was concerned with how the effects were going to be portrayed on camera. Many people are constantly spewing out things like “Technology is ruining our social skills” blah blah blah. However Men, Women, & Children was definitely a realistic depiction on how we use technology and the Internet.
The film covered issues like sexting, eating disorders, love affairs, pornography and other issues that are relevant to essentially everyone with Internet access. The audience had people of all ages and they all seemed to laugh at everything. The movie wasn’t even a comedy. It had its moments but I think it was pretty serious for the most part. To be honest I really only wanted to watch this film because Angel Elgort was in it, but I came out of the theatre pretty satisfied. Other big name actors and actresses included Adam Sandler and Jennifer Garner.
Computers and cellphones may be the alternative to a face-to-face conversation but it’s not necessarily a bad thing unless you misuse the devices. Overall I think anyone that has a slight interest in the Internet should give this film a chance. Whether you’re pro-technology, or anti-technology definitely check it out.

Free Fall
This movie was straight up weird. It was great. I loved it. So it basically starts out with a lady jumping off a sky rise. (Un)fortunately for her, she survives. She decides to go back to the roof of the building to try again. However, the elevator is broken and now she has to take the stairs.
Now this is where things get interesting. Every time she goes up a floor, the scene changes to show the storyline behind that doorway. We get a look of what happens behind the door. And every single story line was weird. I can’t stress that enough. There was one of a germaphobic couple that had sex while wearing saran wrap. Another showed a group of people learning how to go through walls. And there was even a storyline of a lady paying a doctor to put her newborn baby BACK INSIDE OF HER.
At the end I was left feeling very disturbed with myself because of how much I enjoyed it. The best part was that the audience consisted of mostly senior citizens – all probably traumatized with the film. My favourite comment was said from the lady sitting next to me. After the movie ended she turned to me and said “Well that was … different.” Indeed it was.
I recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys bizarre things. If you’re on Tumblr, or Reddit you will probably like it.

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