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Tech for Students: Trello

All students must have Trello!

Trello is a digital task management system that will change the way to plan out your life. The user sets up a “board”, which is like a dashboard and creates lists on the board. Within those lists, the user can create cards, which act as the “tasks”. Within the cards, you can set deadlines, create checklists, add members, and add labels. It’s basically like lists within lists within lists – A.K.A. an organizers version of heaven.

Lists and Cards

There are many ways to organize your Trello board. These are the ones that I find most effective:


  1. By Time

When organizing your Trello board, create lists called “Done”, “To Do Today”, “To Do Tomorrow”, “To Do This Week”, “To Do Next Week”, and so on. This way, you can organize your tasks by due date and will be able to refer to future due dates. Once you complete a task, drag the card into the “Done” list!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.18.02 AM

  1. By Subject

If you want to plan out your school related tasks, you can organize your lists based on course subjects. To do this, create one list per course subject and start adding cards to them! With this layout, you can still keep track of dates by adding due dates to the cards. Simply click on the pencil symbol that appears when you hover over the card!

This can also be applied to work life or personal life if you have tasks that need to be grouped together!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.00.13 AM

  1. By Person

Everyone at BCIT knows the importance of keeping your team on track and organized. When you want to manage a team, Trello is a great tool to use! Trello allows you to share boards with other people, so your whole team can view the same board. By organizing your board by person, it will allow each team member to look at their own list, but also to look at other teammates lists. This way no job gets left unfinished.

You can use Trello on their website, or with their mobile app. This means that you can access it at any time of the day (because let’s be real – we are always connected somehow)!

With Trello as your organization system, you won’t find yourself forgetting to do an assignment or forgetting about a quiz. Trello is a great way to visually view all of your tasks and assignments so that you can keep up with your life at BCIT!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.15.43 AM


BONUS: Here is what an advanced board looks like! This board is sorted by subject, but also includes assigned members and due dates within the cards.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.09.41 AM