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Tinder on Campus: A Review

I’ve used this app before, but never at BCIT. I thought using it during the summer would be a head start to find the hot businessmen on campus before everyone is stuck studying and awkwardly making out on a sticky dance floor. 

Tinder is easy to use—upload a couple of cute pictures, age range until 30, within 50km of my location, and swipe right for Mr. Right—but I got nothing. I joined the tind to find tall, dark, handsome BCIT businessmen ready to sweep me off my feet and spend some quality time together. By the end of August, I had a grand total of 0 matches. Where were the hot guys in button-downs with the sleeves rolled up? Where were the hockey players in tight business pants? I didn’t Super Like that Tinder claims that it’s my “most dependable wingman, wherever I go,” when it couldn’t even accommodate The School of Business building. What was I supposed to do? 

Not to mention during the summer, The Habitat is closed at 5:30 and The Roxy is all the way downtown. The only men I saw walking around BCIT, were either wearing wedding rings or in coveralls. I guess I’ll have to venture and try other apps like Bumble or the League, and hope I can find my special someone.

A Desperate Woman