BCITSA Student Executive
2017/2018 Elections

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s BCITSA student elections. The newly elected student executives will serve a term from June 1st, 2017 –  May 31st, 2018. For more information on BCITSA student governance visit www.bcitsa.ca

Why are you seeking election?
As the current Vice President External, I’ve witnessed firsthand the potential of this role. Having been able to influence the career opportunities during my 2 months in office has motivated me to reach for greater goals this upcoming year. My passion for connecting people; contributing towards their professional development and overall success that is motivating me for re-election.

What do you hope to achieve during your term in office?
If elected again into office, my primary objective will remain to increase the number of employers in our “Big Business” career fair. This will provide a larger exposure to the employers in their designated field for both graduating and current students. However, there will also be a large focus this term towards the renewal of our U-Pass contract with TransLink. As this contract will be ending in April 2018 and negotiations will take place this upcoming term. When that time comes, I will see to it that the negotiations will be in the interests of our students.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less.
Confident, Driven, Reliable, Outspoken & Leader