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If you’re looking for love this year, use the law of attraction to your advantage. This law suggests that you can succeed in everything by regulating the way you think. When you think positively, you are much more likely to experience pleasant outcomes. The opposite may also be true: When you dwell on negative thoughts, you could invite yourself to unfavourable results. 

In other words, your feelings and thoughts play major contributions in creating your reality: the physical manifestation of what you desire. By working with your thoughts, words, and emotions, you can build a strong belief system that helps you attain your goal. 

This means you can create the relationship you want through your beliefs, which may ultimately guide you towards the actions you need to take to make it a reality. But this process can be challenging to wrap your head around, so here are some steps you can try to have love manifest for you.

1. Know your intention

To reach any desired outcome, a good start is to set an intention (basically a goal). You have to understand what you want and why you want it. In the case of finding love, your intention could be:

“To have a healthy relationship and be loved by my partner”

“To fully open my heart and let happiness shine on me”

“To be a channel of love for myself and my partner”

Clarifying your intention (such as by jotting it down) can help land you in the positive relationship you desire and remind you to think positively, keeping you on track towards your goal. 

2. Visualize in specific detail

You might have felt trapped in situations where you kept meeting the same person you weren’t really interested in.

To change that, try consistently imagining the reality you want so you can truly focus on that desire and increase your chances of accomplishing your goal. This process works naturally since the brain cannot tell the difference between thoughts and reality, as suggested by a study where volunteers who imagined playing the piano demonstrated the same brain changes as those who actually did.

Be crystal-clear about the type of person you’re looking for. Envision the person’s characteristics: their lifestyle, behaviours, and physical features. To help with the visualization, you can consider taking a deep breath to get into the zone.

You may also want to imagine how you would feel when you are with that person. Every day, transform your belief into vivid imagery: Picture the times you spend together. See yourself talking with your partner, with your favourite music playing in the background. The possibilities that come with being with someone are endless. 

Channel the energy that excites you on every level into this exercise to connect to your deepest desire. This may send an energy-based message to the universe (an eternal listener) and prompt it to respond, delivering you the person you visualize.

3. Take the right action

Acting in harmony with your dream is a great way to move closer to your goal: Love is more likely to manifest when you’re proactive. Sending out the energy you would like to experience can increase the opportunity to attract people who resonate well with that energy. For example, if you want to attract love into your life, you need to feel love in your life first. This may help you find a partner who envisions the same kind of relationship as you.

Make yourself aware of opportunities in your life. Open yourself up to the world by joining a community that interests you and hanging out with people with similar goals as you. This can increase your chances of meeting more people, possibly including your special someone. 

This process might take a bit of time to produce your desired results, but you may be surprised by how the universe works when you see what you dream of coming for you because of the right action you take consistently.

No matter your intention as you embark on your love manifestation journey, investing in a strong sense of self-belief is key. Truly believe that someone special exists. Assure yourself that you deserve that happiness and will find the one you seek. (And plus, believing in yourself helps you picture the person you want without any doubt.)

So, focus on what you are trying to attract and consistently work with and act on your thoughts. By doing this, you will eventually find the person you are looking for.


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