The Link survives zombie apocalypse

A firsthand account of the new kind of paintball. Ria Renouf.

A firsthand account of the new kind of paintball. Ria Renouf.

When I first told my friends I was going to kill zombies, they deemed me nuts.

I told them I was practicing for the zombie pandemic.

I first heard of zombie survival games in BC while researching a story. I was drawn to it: I grew up watching horror movies, so I tend to gravitate towards video games involving scares. I had to check it out.

So, one dark October night, I headed to North Shore Paintball off Capilano Road with a troop of fellow ‘survivors.’ We signed in, went through a briefing on the apocalypse, and then went off to hunt zombies.

I’ve played paintball before, but it was totally different from this. In typical paintball, I have more control over the situation. I enter a neutral field and track targets. Here, I was in zombie territory; unwelcome among the undead, who knew the land well.

I scoped dark, dilapidated buildings – doppelgangers out of The Blair Witch Project –and eradicated the zombies I found. The atmosphere was dark, noisy and foggy. The game became reality. Zombies jumped out of bushes, and I shot without fear. They approached in packs, but instinct kicked in and I took aim.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The zombies dropped to the ground. The thrill was amazing, and I survived it.

Looking back, this experience was interactive, fun, and a great workout! If you love the woodsball style of paintball, television shows related to zombies, or want a thrill to remember – give it a shot.

Experienced paintball players will find this great target practice (precision is the difference between life and death – you get few reloads); and scaredy cats get into it fast.

Visit (North Shore, Vancouver) or (White Rock) to book your very own zombie apocalypse training tour.

Happy hunting!