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The Book of Life

The-Book-of-Life-2014“A touching spectacle in the world of animated film.”

The Book of Life is a charming love story bolstered by a synergy of wit, emotion and stellar visuals. A 3D computer animated film produced by Reel FX Creative Studios, the movie includes notable actors such as Channing Tatum and Zoe Saldana and producer Guillermo del Torro.

The film’s plot combines the tale of Romeo and Juliet with Mexico’s Day of the Dead. The protagonist Manolo, voiced by Diego Luna, traverses several beautiful realms along his journey. These settings provide a spectacle of striking visuals. Maria, the lead female of the story, is an integral character of intelligence and wit who does not succumb to the stereotype of “damsel in distress.” Where most animated films tackle with classic tropes of heroism and evil, the Book of Life prides itself on a relatable message. Throughout the film the audience is exposed to ideas of remembrance, selflessness and individuality. The Book of Life expresses that love comes in many forms and can overpower any amount of selfishness.

Capable of inciting tears, laughter and fascination all at once, The Book of Life captivates young minds and strikes a chord with those old enough to remember the chapters of their own story.

Rating: 4/5

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