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Superbowl reflections

Well, was that the finish anyone expected? The Patriots beating the Seahawks, 28-24 with a goal line interception by Malcolm Butler on what will be the biggest play call question of any Super Bowl. Marshawn Lynch, arguably the best running back in the league, could have run the ball in with a yard and a bit to get into the end zone and give the Seahawks their second championship in as many years, but Pete Carroll decided to throw… And we all know the outcome. Many Hawks fans sat there in disbelief in what they had just witnessed on their TV’s and we can only imagine what those who paid thousands of dollars to witness that ending must have been feeling.


When you look at the slow motion replay, you can see what Wilson saw, an open receiver. But Butler just made an incredible play, and credit to the Patriots. With all the hype surrounding Deflate Gate and if the Patriots were cheaters or not, they ultimately came out and did what they needed to do.


Now in between that unexplainable ending… There was quite the show from Katy Perry. Perry dazzled from the opening with “Roar” and her huge mechanical lion. She pulled out many other hits from her last two albums. She had dancing sharks, palm trees, and then the guest no one would have expected: Missy Elliot! (Some people had NO IDEA who Missy even was…) but boy, did she work it. Perry also brought Lenny Kravitz into the act, although his appearance was minimal, just sticking around for about one song. It was memorable none the less.


Perry was different from past performers, she knew what she was doing, and knew how to keep the crowd entertained. She’s also incredible at changing from one outfit to another, showing that she can change into 5 different outfits quicker then it might take one of us to get dressed in the morning. The NFL got exactly what they wanted, a show that had everyone talking. Some people were confused with the palm trees, beach balls and dancing sharks. Left shark had no idea what was going on. But Perry has always had a way of being quirky and brilliant at the same time. All in all, Super Bowl 49 did not disappoint.