SuperBetter: A Review

SuperBetter is a task-manager companion app for depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and other physical and mental trials. It attempts to better engage in your health journey by turning it into an RPG game. By entering your health goals as ‘quests’, your challenges as ‘bad guys’, and healthy habits as ‘power-ups’, the app helps you keep track of your progress. The program allows you to customize tasks to suit your needs, with a vibrant flare that makes you more inclined to complete them.

The app was developed by game designer Jane McGonigal, who developed the game after she underwent a debilitating concussion. After her experience, she came to the conclusion that the power of play ignites positive emotions, serving as an effective trajectory for recovery. The app’s original title was ‘Jane the Concussion Slayer,’ but it was later developed and renamed to SuperBetter to make her gamified recovery more universal.