Mini Student Spotlight: Cody Pallin

Where does the time go? For part-time civil engineering student Cody Pallin, the transition to online learning is somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Staying home has allowed him to fully explore the different student services and clubs that can be accessed remotely. In the last two years of attending BCIT, he says he hardly had time for anything else other than his assignments, tests, and exams. He compared learning at BCIT to being on a highway, driving full speed ahead with no time to stop and appreciate the hidden gems along the way. Like most students that go through the rigorous and hands-on practical experience at the institute, he constantly found himself wondering where the time goes.

He hopes that in his capacity as a student life ambassador he will be able to engage with the bigger BCIT network, all the while maintaining the high expectations in his program. He jokingly muses that he has put a lot of time into BCIT and because of it he has no other choice but to go through with completing his studies. From the conversation we had, it was evident that he had a love for engineering. It was also clear that understanding the inner workings of a building and, metaphorically, BCIT’s inner workings, really fuels his focus. Pallin says that when you are at BCIT, “you are here to learn. If you want anything else, you really have to fight for it.”

In appreciating how BCIT models its curriculum close to the industry, Pallin shares his worry that some students may go the whole semester without seeing and interacting with their peers in person. While it is important to note how the measures put in place are there to keep the wider BCIT community safe, the measures do slightly deny a lot of students the opportunity to come out of their comfort zone when it comes to interacting with other people. It’s with this in mind that he urges students at BCIT to take on interacting opportunities or chances to connect with people as often as they can because now these opportunities are a couple of clicks away at, the tip of their fingers.