Student referendum approved by thin majority

The $25 dollar student fee increase was approved by a thin majority of 94 votes. With exactly 1,500 students casting their vote, the referendum passed with 797 votes in favour and 703 against.

President Dylan Smith thanked everyone present and those who voted, “Exciting times for sure, as we start to move forward with all these awesome plans.”


President Dylan talking to council.

Despite concerns from many students from other BCIT campuses who feared they wouldn’t enjoy the benefits of the new fees, Smith reassured council the association will do everything they can to help all students benefit, “I want to acknowledge all the students who took the time to vote no, because we need to make sure that we are ever more engaging to make sure that all of those services, and our existing services, are available to all students.”

Students will begin to pay the new fee starting September.

Health and Dental Plan Fee Increase

Starting September, students will also see a $12 dollar increase on their tuition, but this amount will be going towards the Health and Dental Plan.

Instead of paying the current $210, students will now have to pay $222. Unlike the student referendum fee however, this $12 dollar increase will be annual rather than per term.

The association had been able to keep the same price in the past; however due to an increase in demand from students, premiums are going up.

Currently, about 32% of students use the plans available.

Aboriginal Club

The first ever Aboriginal club on campus was approved during the meeting with a record-voting time. It only took 5 seconds for council to sanction the new club and welcome them to the list.

“This is a big step forward for BCIT as an institution. This is its 50th year and it’s amazing that there finally is a club like this,” said Jordan Waunch, VP of the club.

With over 1,400 Aboriginal students in BCIT, Waunch and the rest of the executive are thrilled to have a club were First Nations, Métis, Inuit, non-Indigenous, and all students can share a platform to connect with their heritage and learn more about other cultures.

“I’m very excited and very happy that the club got sanctioned…I’m really excited to share this with the student body.”

Council concluded the meeting talking about the campaign to better inform students about the upcoming transit referendum. The association will be working closely with the David Suzuki foundation, which will be proving material for the association to use throughout campus.

Council will meet again on April 13th.