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Student council’s first meeting of the year

Council Jan 12 - 3

Student council had its first meeting this Monday January 12th. BCIT’s Student Association began 2015 with a new voting system in place for council meetings.

Rather than using the traditional hand vote, the Association obtained i>Clicker2s for all councillors and board members. All votes are shown immediately on the screen and a record is taken of the results.

Director Caroline Gagnon says the purpose behind the i>Clickers2 is to ensure accountability and being able to provide backup behind every vote that goes through council.

The Association spent an average of $25 dollars per clicker and will be using them on every meeting from now on.

Progress Reports

External VP, Tyra Bermudez, is currently working on a transportation policy, first focussing on Burnaby campus. The purpose of the policy is to ensure students’ transportation needs are being met.

The main goal of the project for now will be to enhance the frequency of the buses for students, but the future may involve a light rail service for students. Meetings are currently underway with TransLink.

Also mentioned at the meeting was the creation of a focus group to review the elections process at BCIT. The group will be headed by Student Affairs VP and Chief Returning Officer, Evan Findlay, who wants to learn more about students’ experience when voting and some of the things the Association can do to improve the current voting system.

And last but not least, School of Energy representative Jamie Haakons, is looking for BCIT engineers to unite forces with UBC’s Formula Club to compete in the Formula SAE® Competition. Haakons explained that working together with UBC makes sense as it will allow both schools to benefit from working together, both funding-wise and space-wise.

Student Council will have their next meeting on January 26th.