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Student Council to take a stance on transportation referendum

Translink-BusThe upcoming transportation referendum was the focus of the student Council meeting on Jan. 26th.

The Student Association asked Council whether or not they should take a stance on TransLink’s upcoming plebiscite.

Other student Associations have publicly expressed their support for the referendum. UBC’s Alma Mater Society is one of the student society’s that has announced their support.

The AMS presented to student council regarding their decision to take a position on the matter, hoping that BCIT SA would also join them in the yes position.

Council decided to form a committee that will gather information and present their findings at the next meeting.

The committee is composed of three board executives and two councillor volunteers.

“I urge that students get informed about it, look at the plan,” said VP External Tyra Bermudez who told students the referendum would affect everyone.

The Association will vote whether to take a ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘neutral’ position on Feb. 10th.

For more information on the referendum, check out the YES side and NO side websites.