Strongest Links 2016-2017

Best of the Best

We had so many amazing BCIT students contribute their ideas, designs, words and photos to our magazine this year, it was really hard to choose our favourites. But we were able to put together a shortlist of some of the strongest pieces from the year, based on feedback from our readers and student editors.

Check out our shortlist for the Strongest Links below plus a few fun awards for those whose passions really showed. Thank you to everyone who contributed, read and shared our magazine this past year, and be sure to keep up with us online throughout the summer.


Student Spotlight

Sophia Hsin /Amelia the Hedgehog

Rachel Chang (october 2016)


The Stewart and the Stewards

Emily Buck (december 2016)


LGBTQ in the Age of Trump

Jordan Kwong (march 2017)

Health & Wellness

Fighting Fentanyl

Alexis Cornwall (october 2016)


Cupids Cursor
Maddy Adams (january 2017)


Hungry for Change
Anita Shen (december 2017)

Photo Feature

Joel Laurino
(december 2017)

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

The Truth That You Know

Fiona Tsun (march 2017)

Gaining Perspective

Locker Room Talk

Matt Hylan (december 2016)

Call to Action

Unnecessary Roughness

George Elioupolos (february 2017)

Laugh out Loud

Playing God

Rachel Chang (december 2016)

Owning It

Own your L’s

Alexis Cornwall (november 2016)

Making Change

Femme FM

Selenna Ho (october 2016)

Raising Consciousness

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Danielle Carr (november 2016)


Artist: Flora Brodie

Illustrator: Flavia Chan

Foodie: Karolina Kapusta

Critic: Jarell Alvarez

Gamer: Brandon McLean

Activist: Selenna Ho

Storyteller: Kurt Tadeo

Shutterbug: Maddy Adams

Socialite: Annie Sheng