Star Wars: A Nude Hope


Link magazine’s latest cover story—and accompanying buxom beauty—raised a lot of eyebrows this past Decemeber, but those who took the opportunity to dive into Shannon Waters’ piece about her fellow burlesquers  presentation of Star Wars: A Nude Hope were pleasantly surprised to find out that the story wasn’t just about a bunch of scantily clad women, but rather an introduction to the wonderful world of “nerdlesque.”

“If you’ve ever wanted to see Thor do something else with his hammer, or
wondered what a strip Pokémon battle would look like, you’d probably enjoy
yourself at a nerdlesque show.” (excerpt from Link 49.4)



Draco Muffboi as Luke Skywalker, Alisha Leveque as R2D2 and Graeme Thompson as C3PO - Greg McKinnon

(Photos courtesy The Geekenders) 

A Nude Hope enjoyed an impressive run at The Rio this past November/December with huge numbers of Star Wars fans, curious arts supporters and otherwise horny patrons showing up to see a classic piece of sci-fi transformed into a raunchy, raging live production complete with a twerking Darth Vader and scantily-clad R2-see-through.

The whole thing was the brainchild of local “nerdlesque” icon Fairlith Harvey (aka Trixie Hobbitses) and her troupe of performers called The Geekenders whose website describes as an organization that, “runs events by geeks, for geeks.”  Nerdlesque is a growing phenomenon in Vancouver, with more than couple of troupes out there bringing a sexy cerebral swag to the stage.

If you’re even remotely curious, I suggest you check out The Geekedender’s webpage to find out when the next show will be.


Alisha Leveque as R2D2 - Gregg McKinnon

Star Wars marquee - Shannon Waters

Trixie Hobbitses as Princess Leia with 2 Storm Troopers - Greg McKinnon