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Simple Mango Smoothie Bowl​

Summer is a tough month for snacks and treats. Maintaining sugar cravings while staying fit and healthy is tough, and that’s one of many reasons smoothie bowls have gained a lot of popularity. With Instagram accounts like, more and more people are starting to make these bowls, and it’s easy to see why. They are fun, easy, and require few ingredients. Most of all, they’re delicious!​

​I recently started making my own smoothie bowls and wanted to share one of my favourites:

Simple Mango Smoothie Bowl​

​For this recipe, I used these ingredients: ​

  • ​1 coconut ​
  • 2 cups frozen mangos (or cut up 3-4 fresh mangos and freeze them)​
  • 3 strawberries​
  • 1 banana​

(makes two coconut bowls)​

​1. Thaw the mangoes slightly so they are soft enough to place in the blender. ​

2. Cut the coconut in half and pour the water/milk into the blender with the mangos.​

3. Scrape out some of the coconut flesh to make more room in the bowl and add it to the blender. ​

​4. Blend everything together and pour the smoothie into the coconut shell. ​

TIP: If it’s too thick to blend, add water!​ If it’s not thick enough, add more mangos! ​

​Top with sliced bananas and strawberries and you’re all set. ​To make your smoothie bowl into a more filling meal, try adding granola or muesli.