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Review: What If?

What If marvel poster
What If
What If

In our lives and in the media we consume, we love to fantasize about the idea of What If? What if we could change just one little moment? Well, then everything would definitely be better in our lives, right? In moments of crisis, the question of What If? can even become a mental concept we use to torture ourselves as we try to figure how we screwed so bad.

What If is an adaptation of the comic series of the same name. It takes popular Marvel movies and changes a specific element to create whole new storylines. It has created a mix of funny moments and tragic twists for some of the world’s most recognized and beloved media. Each episode follows a specific movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe meaning that you will never see the same thing twice. From Zombies to Tragic Obsession, the format of removing these characters from canon means that ideas and concepts that could never make it to a big screen finally get to be explored. Despite being animated, this show is not appropriate for young children, due to elements of horror.

If you have ever wondered how your life would be different if you could just go back and change one thing, and if you love superhero movies, then What If? Is the show to take you on to new perspectives.