Review: Raised By Wolves

Created by veteran producer Aaron Guzikowski and supported by legendary Sci-Fi director Ridley Scott, a masterful and unsettling vision of the future unfolds in the HBO series Raised by Wolves. Set one hundred thirty years into the future, Raised by Wolves takes inspiration from real-world science and ancient mythology to create a story whose themes and context feel realistic.


If you are already interested and hate spoilers, stop reading now and go watch it.


For the rest of you, I will keep the spoilers minimal. The show begins on the real planet of Kepler 22b. Two atheist androids, Mother and Father, are sent to the planet to rebuild humanity after a religious war destroys humans’ ability to breathe on Earth. Their pacifist colony is disrupted by the arrival of the survivors of humanity who are also part of a religious cult that worships a sun god known as SOL.


Raised by Wolves examines the human spirit, the right to choose, the destruction of a world through conflict, and the needless artificial divides we create between each other. It has a remarkable design, exciting set pieces, a deep and complex plot, and characters you will love or love to hate. It is difficult to describe the plot’s brilliance without spoiling too much. It is challenging for viewers to pick a side as all characters alternate between being profoundly sympathetic or intensely horrifying. I watched the show with my girlfriend and can say it is the perfect show for a nerdy couple to watch together. You will continually theorize about what happens next.


This show will keep sci-fi lovers entertained for a rainy weekend with ten hour-long episodes, timely themes, and extraordinary visuals and sound. You can find the series on HBO, HBO MAX, or Crave TV.