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Review: Kingsman — The Golden Circle


KINGSMAN: The Golden Circle
dir. Matthew Vaughn
20th Century Fox

In Hollywood, action movies are supposed to be over-the-top. They are supposed to appeal to the general consumer — someone who doesn’t want a realistic movie because they want that escape from everyday life for a few hours every now and then. That is exactly what the second instalment to the Kingsman franchise presents.

From times of overacting, to absolutely ridiculous fight scenes, any realist would be scratching their head after this display. Don’t get me wrong, I was entertained, but at what cost? The premise of the movie is international spies fighting a hell-bent drug lord. The first movie was so much more authentic and realistic, I was disappointed to see this from the sequel.

Overall, Kingsman II had two major subliminal faults that ruined the movie for me:

  • Kingsman II promotes alcohol as the safest vice. Excuse me? Alcohol, time and time again, has been proven as one of the most harmful things you can put into your body.
  • Fox News makes numerous appearances as the main source of news in the film. I grew weary of the self-promotional messages (20th Century Fox did make the film). And as for Fox News been a reputable news source? Far from it.

However, as a general consumer, I was entertained for the 2h 20m movie. The crowd gave it a very minor applause, then the lights came on and, with the length of the movie, I was grateful it was over. Kingsmen II is exactly what you think it will be, so save your money and wait to watch this one on Netflix.