Review: CENTR Fitness App

 By Lauren Edwards


A workout app created by Chris Hemsworth and his trainer? Yes please! The man got ripped to play Thor, and I’m sure we’re all curious how he got there.

For those suffering from a weight gain during lockdown—or the “COVID-15”— this fitness app could be one to incorporate into your new routine to help slim down or build muscle. I was a bit hesitant at first because it’s not free and there are many ways to exercise outside, but I quickly realized that having a personal trainer telling you what to do creates quick, effective results. What sets this app apart from just watching Youtube videos is there are multiple top-tier trainers, variations like HIIT, boxing, and more. Also, it includes meal plans from world-class chefs, and wellness routines like meditations, yoga, and tips to stay motivated. When the BCIT grind gets tough, this could come in handy to help accomplish your personal goals.

The starting price is $10/month and you get seven days free. Considering the BCIT campus gym still isn’t open, this isn’t a bad idea. You could even ask a friend or housemate  to split the cost with you!  If you can fit a Chris Hemsworth’s workout app into your student budget, you should go for it.