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Where am I now?”
Where do I want to be?”…

The beginning of a new year is always a good place for new goals. Although setting goals is easy, it takes more than just writing them down on a piece of paper or saying them aloud. The key to goal completion is work, and a good execution plan is essential. Link Magazine sat down with leadership coach Kimberly McAdams of Infinite Potential to gather some helpful advice.


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“In my opinion, where people go wrong is they don’t take a good inventory of where they are now,” said McAdams,  “and they have a hard time deciding why they want what they want, and focus instead on what they “should” want or what someone else wants for them,” said McAdams.

Then there’s the issue of having too many goals all at once…

“I recommend starting with one small goal,” advises McAdams. “Once that is accomplished, you can move on to a bigger one, and so on. With one goal, it’s easy to remember, and by choosing a small one first and accomplishing it, you build the self-confidence and excitement to keep going,” she added.


Kimberly McAdams

(Kimberly McAdams of Infinite Potential—Coaching and Leadership)

She also said that if something is time-sensitive, it’s likely that that goal will be the biggest priority. Some other questions to ask are:  “Which goal, when accomplished, will I feel most proud of?” or “Which one scares me the most?”

Whatever your new venture is in 2014 – be it career, personal growth, relationships, money, or health – below are some  tools that will surely guide you in the right direction to achieving what matters most in your life:

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