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App Review: Periscope

Calling all travellers: Periscope is a trending app that lets you see the world through other peoples’ eyes in the most amazing way possible. If you don’t already have it, I highly suggest downloading it! Let me tell you why.


Since downloading Periscope from my App Store, I toured Central Park, saw a sunrise in Manchester, drove around Rome, and watched a Yogi in India. I also explored Disneyland Tokyo, hiked in Hong Kong, and enjoyed a morning coffee in Paris. All this was done from the comfort of my own bed… literally.


As I write this post, I am watching an elephant show in Thailand where the elephants are using their trunks to draw on canvases. Coolest. App. Ever.




Periscope is an app that allows users to live stream things that are happening in their daily lives to people around the world. Opening up the app, you will find a world map with red and blue circles on it.


So what do the circles mean? The red circles indicate a live periscope, while blue circles indicate old periscopes that you won’t be able to watch in 24 hours. The numbers in the circles indicate how many scopes are in the area. When in watching a live scope, you can comment on the scope, send hearts, and share the scope on Twitter. It is not unusual to see people commenting “Hi from Vancouver!” or “Hello from Canada” on scopes.


So this blog post has swayed you to make a Periscope account. The next step is following other accounts. This way, you are always updated on the best Periscopes. These are the accounts that I follow:


  • Penguinsix – Hong Kong
  • ChantalTV – Paris
  • Simon Buckley – London
  • Scott Ramsey – England
  • Giulio Base – Rome


What are you waiting for? Download the Periscope app from your app store right now. The more you explore the app yourself, the more you find out about the wonders of the world. If you are looking for more Periscope people to follow, follow me on Twitter (@amymtom) because I share the Periscopes that I find interesting! As you use the app more, you will find that you have to weed through some weird Periscopes, but I promise that there are beautiful gems out there if you keep looking.


If you are dreaming of travelling to a certain place, check it out on Periscope first! If you are looking for your next destination, poke around Periscope and try to find something that interests you. If this doesn’t ignite your inner travel bug, then I don’t know what will.