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Peak Performance Project Finalist: Good for Grapes


Good For Grapes. The Surrey band Good for Grapes also won Best Emerging Artist at Edmonton Folk Fest 2013

As an avid concert goer, I am one of many music junkies in Vancouver that are excited to attend the 2014 Peak Performance Project Finale on November 20th at the Commodore Ballroom. (Sorry minors!)

For those of you living under a rock (or if you just don’t listen to local indie music) the Peak Performance Project is an annual contest held by 102.7 The Peak FM radio station. It’s basically like a Battle of the Bands but with local talent from B.C. The winning band or artist gets a whopping $102,700. Second and third place receive $75,000 and $50,000 respectively.

I’ve interviewed two of the finalists for the contest but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in touch with this band. But fear not! Here’s a brief recap of the band to give Link readers a look on what show goers can expect to see at the Commodore.

And last but not least in this Peak Performance Project iinstalment the third band finalist is Good For Grapes:

The folk rock band deriving from Surrey consists of songwriter Daniel McBurnie on vocals and guitar, Graham Gomez on electric guitar and vocals, Alex Unwin on keyboards and vocals, Alex Hauka on cello, Robert Hardie on bass and vocals, and Will Watson on Percussion.  The band is currently signed with Pheromone Recordings.

They started in September 2010 busking in the streets, and performing in small coffee shops. Since the beginnning, Good for Grapes has travelled across Canada trying to make a name for themselves in the music business. Over the past four years, the local band has competed in several competitions including winning Rogers urMusic Battle of the Bands,  and Supernova’s “Band on the Run to the UK” competition. Just last year the band placed 4th in The Peak Performance Project 2013.

Now they’re at it again – hoping to get the top spot.

Watch the band play tonight at the Commodore Ballroom to see if they win the $102,700.