PappaRoti – “The Father of all Buns”.

Downtown Vancouver’s famous Robson Street is known for several things: shopping, fashion, and food. The further you walk towards the West End, the food options can become overwhelmingly endless.

What am I craving tonight? What should I eat?

Whatever you’re in the mood for, remember to save room for dessert because there’s always ice cream, frozen yogurt, and even Belgian waffles! Sounds awesome, right? But what if I told you to add ‘buns’ to that list? Would you take me seriously?

I know some of you might say, “When I think of buns, I think of the Chinese ones you’d find at dim sum with pork filling or red bean paste..”, but hear me out!

Originating from Southeast Asia is PappaRoti – a franchise that has taken Asia and the Middle East by storm over one thing: “The Father of all Buns”. So, what exactly is “PappaRoti”?

You’ve heard of the roti bread, right? It’s flat, flakey, and typically served with Indian, Malaysian, or Indonesian cuisine? Well, about 12 years ago, a mother in Malaysia brilliantly reinvented this bread by taking the recipe and turning into a bun. She then coated the surface “with a sweet caramelized coffee cream”.


The results were amazing!

After several years of waiting, the first PappaRoti location eventually opened up in our very own city of Vancouver! One bite into these soft, warm, flaky buns is enough to get you hooked.

If you want to give your experience a little kick, order your bun with some nutella on the side and perhaps some Karak Milk Tea to wash it all down. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.


What I also enjoy about PappaRoti is how friendly the staff are, and how clean and spacious the environment is. There’s a huge communal table in the middle which makes it great for students who’d like to do some studying. Wifi is available and the restaurant is pretty well lit.

I’ve also heard good things about spending breakfast here. There are usually nice specials going on though I have yet to check it out.

That said, I highly recommend the visit. One bite is all you need to be hooked!


1505 Robson Street,
Vancouver BC V6G 1C3
OPEN DAILY 8am – 11pm
(Weekends 9am – 11pm)