Student life is hard. It’s filled with assignments, examinations, and projects, and we still have to find time for work, family, and day to day tasks. This pressure can build up anxiety, weariness, or even depression.

Meditation works wonders as a tool to deal with those feelings. Stopping everything for a moment and being mindful is enough to change your mood and keep you going through the rest of the day. We rarely have time to do all the things we need to, so I’m here to share the one-breath meditation technique, an easy way to connect with your present self and relieve your mind from external pressure.

Sit back in a comfortable position, wherever you are. Close your eyes and clear your mind by taking one slow, deep breath, being mindful of the present moment and nothing else. If you’re having a hard time quieting your mind, focus on the air going in and filling your lungs. Hold it for a couple of seconds and release it as slowly as you can. That’s it.

You’ll see how effective this quick meditation can be, calming down your uneasiness and getting you ready to keep going on with your life, taking almost none of your precious time. You can do it several times a day if needed. If you ever feel you need to go deeper, just keep breathing.