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Nothing Beats a Bowl of Pho!

Cravings.. we all have them. After spending long hours at school with no end in sight, worst case scenario is developing cravings for food you know you cannot find on campus.

These craving occur almost regularly for me – especially when I’m on campus from 8am till 9pm. In most cases, I crave a bowl of noodles and soup that cup noodles from The Stand, or chicken noodle from Tim Hortons just won’t do my cravings any justice. What I usually need is a big bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup (better known as pho).

Oh, and for the record: It’s pronounced “fuhh”, not “fo”.

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How can one say “no” to this thing? Seasoned and spiced beef broth with rice noodles topped with layered round steak, onions and cilantro.. it simply hits the spot!

Question now is, “Where can I find myself eating this thing?

There are hundreds of pho places across the Lower Mainland and it’s hard to pick apart the “best” place in town because it’s all subjective. I have about three places which I consider my go-to, but for the sake of simplicity, I’d like to highlight Le Petit Saigon located in the East Village community in Vancouver.

Conveniently located along East Hastings, easily accessible by transit, this noodle house alway serves up a consistent and filling bowl of pho. With each order, a side of bean sprouts and other garnishes are provided to enhance the flavours of your soup. However, the broth (I find) is perfect on its own – a perfect balance of spices and herbs.

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I will admit that there are times when a large bowl of pho isn’t quite enough to settle my cravings and hunger.

It is in times such as these where I’d request an order of spring rolls or salad rolls (both delicious, but the latter is a healthier option). As for drink options, tea is always served, but if you haven’t had Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, you must! Try it at least once.

That said, I encourage you to pay Le Petit Saigon a visit one day. I can assure you that  you won’t be disappointed!

Le Petit Saigon

2783 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC


Open daily: 11am to 10pm


Photo credits: Miss Vancouver Piggy & Yelp