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Nail tips you can live by

The Link's Lauren knows how to take your cuticles from cute to amazing. [Stock Xchng]

The Link‘s Lauren knows how to take your cuticles from cute to amazing. [Stock Xchng]

As the semester carries on and work keeps piling up, our beauty routines tend to fall by the wayside. Getting a manicure no longer takes precedence as that economics midterm looms ahead; plus, regular salon manicures get expensive for a student on a budget. Here are a few at-home tips for having beautiful nails.

File in one direction only

Using a back-and-forth motion when filing your nails only serves to weaken your nail, which leads to breakage and general frustration. Filing in one direction will ensure your nails stay strong and look beautiful.


This is a step most of us forget, but it’s crucial, especially if you’re a compulsive nail polish wearer. Wearing nail polish all the time leads to nail discolouration due to lack of air. Buffing your nails can help to get rid of that yellowness and add natural-looking shine. It takes five minutes to do, but makes a world of difference and your nails will thank you!

Take polish breaks

As stated before, wearing nail polish constantly can lead to discolouration, and some of the more vibrant colours can stain your nails. It’s important to take breaks from wearing nail polish, even for just a few days, since your nails need air!


Taking calcium is not only great for your bones and preventing osteoporosis later in life, it is great for your nails too! Calcium makes them grow beautifully and strong. Fair warning:  taking too much calcium can lead to deposits on your nails, little white stripes that don’t disappear. Everything in moderation, ladies!

If all else fails, fake it!

If after these tips your nails still aren’t growing long and strong, fake it! Impress by Broadway Nails make beautiful press-on nails with no glue required, and they won’t damage your nails. Each package comes with twenty-four nails in twelve different sizes, a prep pad, and a mini nail file. When applied properly, they last up to a week. These nails are so easy to use and incredibly addictive, but at $7.99 a package, it’s an addiction that won’t leave you feeling guilty – and will have your friends asking where you got your lovely manicure.

Tip: apply these nails at or just below the cuticle. No need to push them back!