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Matt Lehti: Master of Creation

Matt Lehti Web Developer and Graphic Artist Headshot

Nowadays an artist can be equipped with more than an easel and a brush.  Matt Lehti is a Full Stack Web developer/chronic scribbler/ Graphic Artist that’s attending the D3 (Digital Design and Development) Program at BCIT that deals with anything digital or business.  I recently sat down with him to talk about his art and other fun things.

What made you first get into digital art?
I’d grown up loving animation, cartoons, and art by extension, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I decided to take a crack at it myself. From there, getting a graphic tablet and taking it digital seemed like the next logical step.


image, Shovel Knight, Game, Matt Lehti

“If you wanted a movie poster of a video game pretending to be from the 90’s, you’re in luck”


Who’s your biggest inspiration?
Bob Ross. Hands down. The man taught himself once he was already an adult, and holds such a respect for others that really shows in his demeanour. His stance that anyone of any age can be an artist resonates with me, and I find it’s incredibly helpful to the learning process to have someone like that in your life, even if it is a one-way relationship as the viewer/creator relationship Bob had with his audience was.

What are some techniques you apply to each piece?
My favourite part of the process has got to be colouring, as I find it very relaxing. As a result, I try to incorporate colour into everything I make, whether that takes the form of 2 tone shading, or smooth blending. The process of adding colour and tone to a figure really help to give it a sense of dimension and weight that is otherwise only implied.


image, Dark Souls, Game, Matt Lehti

image, Dark Souls, Game

What’s your favourite piece and why?
If I had to pick I’d probably go with my Dark Souls fan poster. It’s the first digitally created piece of artwork that I ever got professionally printed out and so I’ll always have a soft spot for it as a result. Barring that, everything you make holds some particular appeal; whether it’s a pose captured just right or a colour correctly blended from light to dark. It comes down to the little quirks that the creative process is known for. Something you did unintentionally that added to the end product in a way you would never have thought of before trying it out.


image, Metal Gear Solid, King of the Hill, Matt Lehti


If you had to be stuck with one celebrity on an island (can be dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Robin Williams. I would have loved to meet and talk with him. Maybe get a free stand-up act out of it.


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